Thursday, February 16, 2012

A whole year ALREADY?

My my, I have certainly been a slacker....or just busy? Either way it has now been more than a year since my last post. This will for sure be a two or more part post to catch up! Where to begin? We will start in Feb. of last year, Colt was 15 months old & the little stinker finally learned how to climb on our kitchen chairs. I turned my head for a moment & when I looked back he was looking to see if I could see him
The same night my sweet little monkey decided he wanted to be where sissy was and attempted to go over the baby gate....and when that did not work tried to fit under

So much has happened & looking back at the photos from the last year makes me realize how much my babies are growing up. This post would be WAAAAY to long if I tried to fit everything in so I will sum a portion of it up n pictures:
April, Easter Sunday...Sadie turned 3 & is growing into such a beautiful little person. She amazes me everyday with her compassion towards other people & the kindness she displays in everyday living. I am in AWE at the fact God has put these things in this tiny little girl & she is such a blessing to us.
The Saturday before her birthday, my mom, Sadie & I all did her first 5K. It was the Fort Worth Victory over Violence she was so excited & did great for her first time.

Here are a few pics of her & Colt after church on her birthday & one after her party on Saturday all played out :-)

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